You can heal the unfinished business from the past

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Shame, fear, a sense of worthlessness, – these emotional wounds are carried by some people every day as a result of past experiences. Those wounds can feel so raw and overwhelming that ignoring it, running away from it, seems like the only option. Confronting that pain head on doesn’t seem possible. As time goes by it may diminish, or be hidden by harmful behaviours, but it never fully goes away. People feel broken but they come to accept this state as normal and go on with their lives as best they can.
Counselling can offer the space to meet with the pain of the past in a safe, non judgemental, supportive environment. It’s not about forgetting the pain, but coming to a place of acceptance and healing. Only then, can you begin to grow and move forward with your life.
Finding a way to deal with unfinished business of the past is about discovering that you are able to heal yourself in the present.

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